About Me

My name is Justin (of course) and I live on the East Coast.  I am an avid ultralight backpacker and  I am constantly trying to lower my pack’s base weight, but keep it comfortable as well.  This site is mostly about my adventures and the gear I use along the way.


Where do you typically hike?:

I mostly hike in Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina.


What’s your base weight?:

Usually it is around 8.5 lbs. I find this to be a nice weight for comfort and security. I will do a SUL (baseweight < 5 lbs.) hike occasionally but I find it to be less comfortable for me personally.


Where’s your favorite place to hike?:

My favorite place would have to be Mt. Rogers, VA.  The highlands there are beautiful.  I usually try to do at least one multi-day trip to this area each year.


Anything else?:

I think that’s about it.  I hope you enjoy the site and thanks for checking it out.