2013: Year in Review


Now that 2013 is officially over, I thought I would give a summary of my journeys and gear used for the year. I didn’t get to go on many trips this year because of starting a new job, but I did get to test some new gear when I did get out.

Trip #1

Location: Shenandoah, VA

Month: February

Trip Duration: 2 Days, 1 Night

*Didn’t bring my camera on this trip.*

This was an overnighter with two of my buddies. We had been couped up all winter and needed to get outside for a hike. We arrived at the park (3 hr drive) and had an itinerary planned out, but after talking to a ranger we changed our route based off her suggestions as a snow storm was suppose to hit later on Sunday. There was still some snow on the ground and it was definitely cold, but the route we took was nice and scenic. Mostly hiked around the water falls. That was the first trip using a Steripen and I liked it. After hiking all day we set up camp (MLD Patrol shelter and Serenity Shelter). I was nice and warm through out the night and listened to coyotes as I fell asleep. The next morning we got up and hiked about 2 miles out before the storm hit. I will definitely do that route again!

Trip #2

Location: Mt. Rogers, VA

Month: April

Trip Duration: 5 Days, 4 Nights

Usually a group of my friends and I go  on an annual 5 day trip to my favorite place to hike. We had lots of rain this time around. My buddy Cameron and I took our yellow trailstar for this trip to have a little extra space since the weather was going to be pretty foul most of the trip; it was a good choice. The second night out we ended up sleeping in a shelter since it was suppose to rain really hard that night. I do not enjoy sleeping in shelters but I had been soaking wet all day and it felt good to sleep in a warm and dry place. Overall the trip was a success as usual, even though the weather sucked it was still a great time just getting away and spending time with my buddies.



Wilburn Ridge

Trip #3

Location: Shenandoah, VA

Month: July

Trip Duration: 2 Days, 1 Night

My buddy Cam and I did a quick SUL trip. My base weight hovered right around 5 lbs and Cam’s was right around 6 lbs. It is so nice being able to fly down a trail! This was the first time Cam and I went on a hike just the two of us. We ended up blowing through the 13 mile loop (we even got a really late start) in about 4 hours, so we ended up camping out at a camp ground for the night. We had a great time since the two of us hike similarly.


Cam & I

Cam & I

Those were the main trips I took this year; I did a few overnighters at a local campground throughout the year, but I don’t count them as backpacking trips.

2013 Gear:

  • Zpacks Hexamid Solo-Plus: 6.9 oz – Really enjoying this tarp so far, lots of room compared to what I’m use too. I will be putting a review up later on.
  • Laufbursche Huckepack: 15 oz. – Best pack I have ever used and I’ve used some nice lightweight packs. I really love the closure system! I came up with original Zimmerbuilt Halfdome design based off this pack, but didn’t want to pay the price for the Huckepack. After using the Halfdome for a while I decided that it was a close comparison, but I decided to go ahead and get the real thing. See the full review here.
  • Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Trekking Poles: 17.7 oz. – Heavier than my LT4 poles, but the locks are much more reliable.
  • Steripen Adventurer: 2.5 oz. – Really easy to use, just have to pre-filter the water. Only negative is that it doesn’t fit down into a platy.
  • Evernew 400ml/Caldera Cook Kit: 3.1 oz. – Nice setup when a large amount of water doesn’t need to be boiled. I use this with an alcohol stove instead of the esbit tray. It has been pretty efficient so far.
  • Sawyer Mini: 1.4 oz. – I have only used a handful of times, but so far I have enjoyed it. Very simple and easy to use. Does what it is suppose to.

Here’s to hoping I am able to get out more in 2014.


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