Laufbursche Huckepack Review

I’ve had this pack for almost a year now and it has become my go-to pack, so I figured it was time for a quick review.

DSC01178  Ordering the pack: After emailing back and forth for about a week with Mateusz, I finally place my order. I was a little worried about ordering a custom pack from overseas, but it went very smoothly. About 5 weeks later it arrived at my door step. DSC01174 The Pack: First and foremost the craftsmanship is top of the line. Not a single stitch out of place! I had the pack made entirely from black dyneema gridstop for durability reasons. He also asked what color I wanted the stitching, so I went with black to match. It’s a size medium which fits perfectly on my frame. I opted not to have the access hole in the tall side pocket as I carry my tent stakes in there and didn’t want to risk them falling out.

Right Side

Right Side

Left Side

Left Side

Now what these packs are known for is the “lid” closure system and after using it for while now, I absolutely love it. It’s a very easy to use system and makes for a very sleek design. I did not get the zippered pocket in the lid as I wouldn’t really use it. The picture below shows how the inside of the lid is connected so items don’t fall out, very ingenious.

Inside lid connection points.

Inside lid connection points

Linelocs for compression

Linelocs for compression

The pack comes with cords to be able to attach a pad to the pack (such as Z-lite), which is a cool idea, but I just haven’t found myself using it yet. The only complaint I have with the pack are the shoulder straps; they are not the most comfortable, as there isn’t much padding to them. DSC01176


Weight – 15 oz.

Size – Medium (20in. torso)

Capacity – Around 2800 ci. with extension collar.

Overall though I absolutely love this pack and highly recommend it.


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