Packing My Gear

When I first started out backpacking, I found that I mostly had trouble packing my gear. I figured that I would post my method of packing my normal gear so hopefully it helps someone.

Here’s a shot of everything I start with:

Shot of my gear spread out

1. Pack 5. Bear Bag 9. Pack Liner
2. Cook Kit 6. Water Bottles 10. Pillow & Pad
3. Fuel Bottle 7. Rain Gear 11. Tarp
4. Misc. Stuff 8. Sleeping Bag & Bivy 12. Extra Clothes
  • I first fold my Thermarest Prolite Regular in half and then half again.  I slide it in to my pack against the back.

Pad Inside of Pack

  • Next I put a pack liner (trash compactor bag) into my pack.  I then put my pillow into the pack liner.  My extra clothes goes into my sleeping bag, which then also goes into the pack liner.

Pillow, Clothes, & Sleeping Bag in Pack Liner

  • I then twist the pack liner shut and fold the end down.

Pack Liner Twisted Shut

  • I then place my bivy loosely on top of the pack liner.

Bivy Placed Loosley in Pack

  • Next my food bag goes in.

Food Bag in Pack

  • After the food bag, I place my tarp in the pack.

Tarp into Pack

  • My misc. stuff sack and my cook kit go in side by side.

Misc Stuff Sack & Cook Kit in Pack

  • I then button up my pack. I place my rain gear in the front mesh pocket (if it’s raining then my tarp goes in that pocket).  My 1L water bottle goes in the right side pocket along with any snacks.  If I am carrying extra water then my 2L water bottle goes in the left side pocket.

Packed & Ready to Go

  •  Now I’m ready to get hiking!

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